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For the most aggressive investors we also offer a momentum stock rotational system.  The MIS Stock Strategy uses our proprietary Nasdaq-100 model as a filter for when to be in and when to be out of stocks in the Nasdaq 100.  When the MIS Nasdaq-100 model signals to be in the market, our rotational system uses a ranking system to give us the top three individual Nasdaq 100 stocks we should invest in.  The ranking for this model occurs each Friday after market close for trades to be entered at the open on Monday.  This is not a day-trading or even a frequent-trading model.  The model is designed to catch stocks as they begin new uptrends and invest them until they fall out of favor.  Most trades last for weeks to months.  Being an individual equity model, the reward goes up--but so does the risk.  Still, using our risk-managed approach, one can feel more comfortable investing in individual stocks knowing that we at MIS always keeps an eye on risk.

An initial $50,000 invested in our model on December 31, 2002 would now be worth $37,087,098--an annual return of over 46.6%.  Furthermore, our model shows a maximum drawdown of just -18.9%.  The MajorIndexSignals Nasdaq 100 Stock Model has a CAR/MDD of 2.47! - The Leader in Quantitative Analytics
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