A Quantum Leap in Financial Market Analytics

Is now a good time to invest?  Which way is the market headed? uses quantitatively-driven models to answer these fundamental questions. 

MajorIndexSignals provides a market update every weekend as well as immediate updates should our models signal a change in trend.  Those signals will be sent out that day after market close for action the following day's open.  We utilize both email and automated text-messages for these alerts.

We provide signals for the major stock markets indexes that make up the core of most portfolios, the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100.  For our bond exposure we use the Vanguard Long-Term Treasury Market Index 'VUSTX' and Vanguard Intermediate-Term Treasury Market Index 'VFITX', both of these are also available as ETF's 'VGLT' and 'VGIT', respectively (the mutual funds are used for testing due to their longer price history).  In addition, we provide a momentum-based stock rotation portfolios for the NASDAQ 100 for investors interested in individual equities.

Thank you for visiting the site! is the culmination of our 25 years of quantitative analysis of the financial markets as a Registered Investment Advisors. 

Testing Procedure

All of the models have been tested on audited and dividend-adjusted data going back to December 31, 1999.  Drawdowns greater than 20% are deemed to be unacceptable for the average retail retirement account.

We hope you find our models useful to your practice.  Feel free to reach out anytime, email us at - The Leader in Quantitative Analytics
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